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OPERA: Fine Italian Jewelry

OPERA was born in Milan from the desire of two young Italian entrepreneurs, Matteo Antonielli and Federico Niki Vescovi, to offer the finest Italian jewelry.

OPERA offers its collections of fine jewelry, including rare and unique pieces,  through an innovative e-commerce platform, exclusive events set in refined locations and its atelier. OPERA works only with the finest master craftsmen and believes in an ethical and respectful production, 100% Made in Italy.

Thanks to the precious collaborations with Shira Ghaffari, accomplished consultant in the jewelry industry, and Elena Salvaneschi, highly regarded entrepreneur expert in communication, OPERA can pride itself on having a selection of unique and rare pieces of unquestionable excellence.

The beauty of being unique

OPERA is a unique world, a meeting point between Ars and Tèchne, amidst creative imagination and technical know how. An exclusive and sophisticated experience strictly in touch with beauty, OPERA offers the best in fine jewelry. By valuing each piece as a unique and inimitable object, OPERA is the right destination for those who love beauty and appreciate its rarity and refinement.

Bespoke & Buy the Finest Jewelry and Fur
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