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  • Fabio Salini

    Fabio Salini's innate artistic sensibility, resulting from great passion he has always had for the world of fine jewellery, has been refined over the years thanks to significant work experience in the Style-Departments of Cartier and Bulgari. Salini's valuable professional training is what has always been behind his being able to express his own creativity over time, at the highest level, and to develop a unique, unmistakable style that has catapulted him to international fame, already back 1999 with the launch of his first personal collection of jewellery. Fabio Salini's creations, displayed in the most prestigious jewellers in the world, have allowed him the right to being considered a leading name in the world of fine jewellery. Over the years he has worked with many major Maisons for which he has designed and created exclusive jewellery collections, as well as for prestigious art galleries which are very enthusiastic about his eclectic and creative style. His deep interest in contemporary art, as a form of expression and inspiration, has given rise to collaborations of excellence, such as with Fernando and Humberto Campana, based on the delicate dialogue which exists between jewellery, design and art. Fabio Salini is also the winner of the “Talent del'Originalité 2014” award, established by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création in Paris.

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  • OPERA - Italian Attitude

    OPERA was born in Milan from the desire of two young Italian entrepreneurs, Matteo Antonielli and Federico Niki Vescovi, to offer the finest Italian jewelry and luxury fur. OPERA offers its collections of fine jewelry and fur, including rare and unique pieces,  through an innovative e-commerce platform, exclusive events set in refined locations and its atelier. OPERA works only with the finest master craftsmen and believes in an ethical and respectful production, 100% Made in Italy. Thanks to the precious collaborations with Shira Ghaffari, accomplished consultant in the jewelry industry, and Elena Salvaneschi, highly regarded entrepreneur expert in the fur market, OPERA can pride itself on having a selection of unique and rare pieces of unquestionable excellence.

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  • Shira

    After the master degree in Art at “Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera”, Shira Ghaffari works in high-end Jewellery markets. The experience gained directly on the field and in each segment of it, leads Shira Ghaffari to become one of the most highly regarded contacts in the market. She collaborates with large maisons and brands from concept throughout to the entrusted implementation assigned to outstanding goldsmiths and craftsmen. Always pursuing excellence, she plans marketing and communication strategies for the most exclusive retailers without forgetting the attention devoted to young creative designers, of whom she follows the professional training and affirmation. In 2015 she opens her personal brand, Shira, as a clear expression of her creativity and more than 30 years of experience in the jewellery market.

  • Spiga Uno

    A creative family, manufacturing unique masterpieces of style, lightness and quality crafting, thanks to the talent, passion an co operation of the best Italian goldsmiths. Now in its third generation, the Busatti Family has implemented the concept of fine jewelry with the help of unusual, innovative materials such as titanium, ceramic, or basalt fibre. Materials that require rare, specific technical know how but which repay the enormous manufacturing with their unmatched versatility and lightness.

Bespoke & Buy the Finest Jewelry and Fur
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