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Fabio Salini

Fabio Salini's innate artistic sensibility, resulting from great passion he has always had for the world of fine jewellery, has been refined over the years thanks to significant work experience in the Style-Departments of Cartier and Bulgari. Salini's valuable professional training is what has always been behind his being able to express his own creativity over time, at the highest level, and to develop a unique, unmistakable style that has catapulted him to international fame, already back 1999 with the launch of his first personal collection of jewellery. Fabio Salini's creations, displayed in the most prestigious jewellers in the world, have allowed him the right to being considered a leading name in the world of fine jewellery. Over the years he has worked with many major Maisons for which he has designed and created exclusive jewellery collections, as well as for prestigious art galleries which are very enthusiastic about his eclectic and creative style. His deep interest in contemporary art, as a form of expression and inspiration, has given rise to collaborations of excellence, such as with Fernando and Humberto Campana, based on the delicate dialogue which exists between jewellery, design and art. Fabio Salini is also the winner of the “Talent del'Originalité 2014” award, established by the Centre du Luxe et de la Création in Paris.

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