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6.1 Deliveries are made to the postal address indicated by the user on the order form. The user is solely responsible for the address provided for the consignment.

6.1. Delivery times are those indicated on the order form and noted in the ‘My Profile – My Purchases’ section of the Website and specified in the purchase order confirmation.

6.3 Upon delivery of the product to the carrier, an email confirming that the order has been dispatched shall be sent to the user which contains the tracking number and a link to monitor the progress of the delivery.

6.4 In the event of a delay in delivering the item on the grounds of force majeure, eraERA shall contact the user via email to inform him or her of the extended delivery time. OPERA shall not be held liable under any circumstances for possible delays caused by acts of third-parties and/or on the grounds of force majeure.

6.5 Delivery is deemed complete once the product has been put at the user’s disposal at the address specified in the order form.

6.6 In the event of failing to complete the delivery owing to the absence of the consignee at the specified address, the carrier shall leave a card as evidence of the delivery attempt. The carrier’s contact details will be indicated on the card so that the user may arrange an appointment for a second delivery attempt. After two failed delivery attempts, the parcel shall be held at OPERA’s warehouse and Customer Services will contact the user to re-dispatch the order to their address and so that it can be delivered as soon as possible. If this attempt also proves unsuccessful, the purchased product shall be returned to OPERA. Once 30 days have elapsed from the date the product was returned to OPERA, the contract shall be deemed rescinded and the purchase order cancelled pursuant to Art 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. OPERA will refund the amount paid by the user, excluding delivery costs of the unsuccessfully delivered product, payment of restitution to OPERA by the user, storage costs and any import duties and possible additional local taxes. The user shall be informed of the contract rescission and the amount to be refunded via email. The refund shall be credited to the user via the means of payment used when making the purchase. If the user requests to receive the purchased product again within 30 days, OPERA will deliver the product again after charging the user for not only the cost of the product, but also for restitution payments for the product to OPERA and storage costs. It is up to the consignee to check the conditions of the delivered product.

6.7 Once the goods have arrived, Customers are asked to thoroughly inspect the parcel before signing as proof of delivery. (OPERA’s packages are packed carefully in cardboard boxes and are sealed with adhesive tape).

If for any reason the parcel appears to have been tampered with and if the adhesive tape has been broken, Customers are asked to sign as acknowledgement of receipt with ‘goods unchecked’ or even to reject the delivery. In the event that the delivery had been accepted using a non-authorised signature or if there was evidence that the parcel had been tampered with, Customers are asked to immediately report these instances to the carrier and to contact OPERA at

6.8 Any products, including jewellery, fur coats and leather goods, may require C.I.T.E.S documentation (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). This document accompanies the product in question and serves to certify that the above-mentioned product is made from materials or hides which are permitted to be traded.

OPERA advises users to visit for more information.

In some cases the customs clearance at destination may request users to obtain an import license to be able to receive the parcel. If this is the case, any costs incurred to obtain the license shall be borne by the user and cannot be refunded by OPERA.

6.9 OPERA consignments are insured free of charge against theft and accidental damage for up to €20,000. Once the consignment reaches its destination, it is no longer covered by this insurance.

Bespoke & Buy the Finest Jewelry and Fur
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