Craftsmanship, patience and precision

These are the qualities that make a handmade product of excellence unique. Wether is a jewel, a watch or a fur their the result of a strict collaboration between the best craftsmen, who by working sinuously with passion and dedication, are able to create  true masterpieces.


OPERA certifies that its products and the ones of its partners are made with materials coming from legitimate sources, not involved in armed conflicts and respecting the United Nations resolutions. Moreover OPERA has always worked exclusively with suppliers and master craftsmen that value work and environmental ethics and reward the Italian craftsmanship. From planning to the creation of a jewel,  OPERA, works only with companies ambassadors of products 100% Made in Italy.

It all starts from an idea

the vital part of the realisation of a product, moving onto the choice of materials; but it’s in the production phase that a dream becomes reality and and an abstract emotion   can become concrete. The perfection of details and craftsmanship, sometimes result of secular artisanal traditions, give an extraordinary result: a refined handmade product that embodies a haute couture soul and is perfect in its form and smallest details.

OPERA – Italian Attitude’s entire selection not only reflects these qualities, but embodies values of heritage and know-how of absolute excellence.