For the selection of their diamonds OPERA and its partners follow the “4C’s” standard (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat Weight), certified by the most prestigious international gemological institutes (GIA, IGI, HRD), choosing only high quality stones and working with certified specialists who work in the world’s diamonds stock exchanges.  Furthermore every OPERA diamond of 0,30 ct. or more comes with a certificate.


Sparkling, beautiful and surrounded by a magical aura; diamonds have always been considered the most precious of stones, but what differentiates a high quality diamond from the rest and what are the key aspects to look for when buying them?

Here are few tips that will help you understand this wonderful stone.

First of all when buying diamonds, you have to look for the Four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.  The quality of a diamond is defined by these four key characteristics which determine its value.


The cut of a diamond defines its brilliance, the better the cut the more sparkling it will be. Amongst the 4Cs, it’s the most important because it’s the most influential on a diamond’s sparkle: to put it simply, even if a diamond has a perfect clarity and good colour grade, if it has been poorly cut it may appear dull. At OPERA we only offer the highest cut grades, ranging from very good to signature, depending on your taste.

Diamonds are cut in many shapes, that define the look and design of the jewel they are set in. Here below you will find the most popular; whether your choose a more classical shape, like a round-brilliant cut, or a more romantic one, like a heart cut, at OPERA you will find only the best diamonds.


The second characteristic that you will have to look for in a diamond is color; this is because the human eye firstly detects the sparkle and secondly the colour. A diamond’s colour grade is determined by its lack of colour, this is why colourless diamonds are the most valuable. At OPERA we offer only near-colourless and colourless diamonds, depending on your taste.


After cut and colour, clarity is the most important quality in a diamond. Although most imperfections cannot be seen unless under professional magnification, these imperfections may affect the beauty of a diamond. Clarity refers to small natural inclusions that are presents in all but the rarest diamonds, the less imperfections the better the quality. At OPERA we offer only diamonds that present very slight inclusion or no inclusion at all, depending on your taste.


Probably the most popular characteristic; against general belief carat actually refers to the weight of a diamond, not its size. As its not the most important quality in a stone, when buying a diamond we suggest to look for cut and colour first; a smaller high grade stone will appear larger. At OPERA we offer all kinds of carat weights depending on your taste.