Bespoke & Buy the Finest Jewelry and Fur

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Add a dramatic touch to your overall look with something stunning from the awe-inspiring edit of luxury pieces

At OPERA you will be sure to find high jewellery creations that will make a definitive impact, combining innovation with the savoir faire of the past. Make a real luxury statement with one of the striking jewellery pieces available now at OPERA from inspirational avant-garde jewellery designers Shira Ghaffari and Fabio Salini, offering a wide range of high-end hand-made creations, and find a precious array of perfectly crafted italian jewelleries from some of the most prestigious and iconic luxury labels on the planet, like Brocani and Busatti Milano.
Explore a discerning edit of amazing luxury pieces that will transform your ensemble into something really impressive and give your personal look that extra finishing touch that you are looking for. The best classic and timeless pieces of high jewellery, created and exquisitely handcrafted with the most precious stones and materials (gold, diamonds, lapis, amethyst and so on), are here to shop.
Give your overall look a precious new dimension and make your luxury accessories repertoire one to be proud of with the exclusive high jewellery designs – made in Italy – available now from OPERA.
Customize your own design with us. If you wish to use your own ideas as an inspiration to create your very own piece of jewellery, we are here to inspire you and guide you. Don’t miss out. Our advanced bespoke commissioning service gives you the exclusive opportunity to be involved in creating your very own piece of jewellery, designed and painstakingly handcrafted with the greatest attention to your personal requirements. By working closely with an exclusive équipe of highly skilled jewellers, diamond cutters, master craftsmen and experienced goldsmiths, we aim to giving you the chance to choose a shape to design something new and unique with your own ideas and bring allure to your very own original designs.

Bespoke & Buy the Finest Jewelry and Fur
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